Our task is to minister to students at secular colleges and universities. Charles Malik, a former President of the United Nations General Assembly observed, "The University is a clear-cut fulcrum with which to move the world... More potently than by any other means, change the university and you change the world." We believes this happens by concentrating on the people who make up the college rather than focusing on the institution first. If you change college students, you will change the world.

There are two ways we can describe our overall strategy. The first has to do with the focus of our ministry and is summed up in our ministry description.

Above The Haze is a Christian Community of Discipleship, pursuing Worship, Prayer, Witness, Service, and Justice.

We find our core identity spelled out in Scripture. There we find that Jesus command us to become his disciples, people who learn and apply Jesus' teaching, and to follow him as committed communities rather than solely as individuals.

The activities that we focus on concern a balance of Worship, Prayer, Witness, Service, and Justice. There are other things we are involved in, but these five arenas are focuses we must be involved in.

The second description refers to our approach to discipleship.


We Reach new students for Christ.

We Root them in their faith.

We a equip them to minister to others.

We send them to touch new lives.