Welcome to the newly redesigned in-b-tween site

so what's with all the different names here? We will still use our in-b-tween.org Web address, but the name of the ministry on campus has changed. We are still part of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, but too many students would not give us a second look because they thought we were a college fraternity. That was limiting our ministry on campus, and our students were tired of having to explain our name to people. We are an English speaking nation, so we should have an English name.

Above The Haze was a name a student came up with several years ago, and it never quite went away. Our students chose to make the name change official just over a year ago, and it really has made a difference. Now we are know as Above The Haze, a Chi Alpha Campus Ministry. Everyone seems to be happy with the change, and God is working through it (which is what really matters).